Businesses Changing the World

Collaborate to Create Change

Friday 24th September 2021

Grand Ballroom

Bankstown Sports Club

8 Greenfield Parade, BANKSTOWN NSW 2200

100% of profits from booking fees have been directed to giving the gift of education, funding Indigenous Scholarships

BCW2021 is an educational and networking event for businesses and organisations who are passionate about making a positive impact in their local and global communities. #BCW2021

About BCW 2021 Conference

Businesses Changing the World (BCW) is more than just an event, it’s a movement, an ongoing initiative to inspire and educate businesses to combine purpose alongside their profit-making. BCW is not only about informing and educating but creating opportunities for networking, connections and collaborations to happen. This initiative has been sparked by Community Minds (CM), a not for profit and charity based in Bankstown, New South Wales.

The conference will provide plenty of inspiration and practical tools and ideas for businesses to initiate or build on community-minded initiatives. There will be an opportunity to share and invite others to join you on your quest to make the world a better place.

Community is Everyone’s Business

BCW2021 aims to bring businesses together to collaborate around community issues or challenges that they are passionate about Inspiration: Through sharing of stories, case studies and examples of community minded businesses who are already positively impacting and changing the world, we aim to inspire other businesses

Community Minds NSW Australia

Tools & Ideas to Spark Change

Provide businesses and those interested in engaging businesses in community, with ideas, resources and tools in creating impactful positive change in our communities. Beyond inspiration, we want to provide practical tools, and effective methodologies and approaches

Money isn’t always the Answer

Expand understanding of what kind of community ‘giving’ and ‘impact’ options there are to consider and explore with others. A key message is around utilisation of available resources (ABCD) to impact change, and that involvement is not always about funding big community initiatives

Collaborate to Create Change

Provide an opportunity to pitch or identify community challenges and opportunities and connect with others who want to make an impact in that area. The conference provides a space that sparks connections and conversations with others to address community challenges or instigate community-based initiatives post-conference.

Conference Highlights

1 Day Program – Friday 24th September 2021



8:30am – 9:00am



Conference bag, with information and goodies will be provided at check-in.

















Conference participants have the opportunity during morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks to walk through community marketplace, where there will be stalls providing information about innovative social enterprises, corporate volunteering, community involvement/participation opportunities, and sponsorship and community partnership opportunities.    








12.00 PM



12.20PM - 1.10PM


























Pricing &  Registration

Early Bird Releases have now gone on sale until 30 April 2021

Our Sponsors

Speakers 2021

Our growing line-up of speakers and workshop facilitators includes industry leaders and practical experts! Here is a sneak peak of high profile guest speakers and practitioners:

Paul Connell

Founder of Build on Purpose

Sustainable Business Leader, CMO, Managing Director

Paul is passionate about creating a world where no one has to choose between doing well themselves and doing good for others.

As a former GM at Unilever, Top 3 CMO in Australia and B-Corp director, Paul has over a decade working in sustainable business, as both a Marketing Leader and Managing Director, Paul has consistently built businesses, teams and brands where profit, performance and purpose go hand in hand. Taking his experience working across these businesses and brands like Unilever, Ben & Jerrys, Seventh Generation, Pukka he now hopes to help make Business Unusual, Usual.


As Founder of “Build On Purpose” he works and partners with founders, investors, educators, and leaders to

· Build new purpose led businesses and brands
· Scale up existing ones to realise their potential
· Remodel old ones to be truly fit for the future

He also holds roles as the chair of the Marketing Academy Australia, Speaker at Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership, has sat on the board of Sustainable Business Australia and, most importantly, is father to his two children Alfie & Hattie who one day will be old enough to ask him what he does at work.

Peter Kenyon

Director of Bank of I.D.E.A.S

Peter Kenyon OAM is a social capitalist and a community enthusiast.  Over the last 35 years he has worked with over 2500 communities throughout Australia and overseas seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways that stimulate community and economic renewal.  He is motivated by the desire to create healthy, inclusive, connected, caring, sustainable and enterprising communities and local economies.

Peter has had a background as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer, tertiary lecturer and senior public servant. His international consulting work has involved assignments in 60 countries.


Peter will be presenting on: Businesses Creating Community Footprint: Essential for a Healthy Community…and Good for Business! 

Increasingly, community and business leaders are recognising that a healthy community connects a healthy local economy, and a healthy economy requires a healthy community. Community and local economy are interdependent- they are the two sides of the same coin! In this keynote address, Peter Kenyon will illustrate from inspiring stories and case studies from across Australia how this essential relationship can function to better communities, and simultaneously get the ‘tills ringing’ for businesses. Today, good business practice requires active community engagement and involvement, and innovative corporate citizenship.

Simone Dowding

Head of Social Enterprise World Vision

Social Enterprise Kickstarter 

Simone is a serial entrepreneur with 9 start-ups and over 17 years in the social impact space. She has founded and run a multi-million-dollar national coffee company that raised thousands for mental health and domestic violence in regional communities. She is now the head of social enterprise for world vision Australia and has launched their first impact business change coffee that gives 100% of profits to the economic empowerment of women globally.


Simone will be presenting on:
How social enterprises world-wide are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.


Do you have a great idea that could change the world? Simone is a leading social impact strategist that will show you how to build a multi impact business model with a clear embedded purpose. She will give you the blueprint to align your social mission with business principles that create huge environmental and social impact, whilst still being sustainable and profitable. She will also reveal how partnerships and collaborations could be the key to your success. If you’re looking to build a social enterprise from the ground up, then this talk is for you.

Zizi Charida

Founder & Director of Community Minds Inc.

Zizi has extensive experience working with education, community and corporate sectors. Zizi loves working with businesses, organisations and groups in creating desired change and building on their strengths and successes, guided by Asset Based Community Development and Appreciative Inquiry principles and methodology.


In her 22-year career in the community development space, Zizi has dedicated a lot of her time in designing innovative, out of the box solutions and programs to address community challenges and create accessible platforms for participation and inclusion for people and communities that are often disadvantaged, isolated or marginalized.  


This conference was instigated by Zizi, building on the work Community Minds has done in the space and to inspire others by learning about how businesses and organisations are changing the world, from small scale neighbourhood initiatives to big scale collaborative projects.

Zizi will be sharing her wealth of knowledge around the power of community and businesses working together – touching on the main theme of the conference “Collaborate to Create Change”. Zizi will also highlight that businesses and community are not separate entities that exist in isolation, that now more than ever collaboration and collective action is needed to change our world for the better.  


Zizi has also instigated and developed with her small dynamic team, innovative initiatives, such as Community Minded Businesses and other projects that facilitate improved exchange of knowledge, skills and resources that enhance communities and activate community involvement and efforts from diverse stakeholders to address challenges and create the community and world we desire and deserve.

Saree Boutros

Conference MC

Growing up in Belmore Saree was lucky enough to score the opportunity to work for his favourite Rugby League team the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. He had a multi disciplinary journey throughout his 19 year career with the team, finally landing in his current position as Community Manager. 

Saree is a passionate local community advocate supporting many local organisations achieve their community goals. 

Help us change the world

Sponsorship Opportunities available now

Call for Papers and Participation!

Based on the objectives and themes/topics we are aiming to explore over the two days, interested parties can submit abstracts for the following categories: 

  • Keynote presentation
  • Video presentation or artistic performance
  • Workshops – practical and interactive
  • Stories of inspiration and Projects
  • Q & A session with diverse panel on the 2nd day

We are open to hearing about any ideas you have that could enhance the conference experience for participants. We are also keen to explore:

  • Media & Entertainment: Sharing movies, books, videos, and other projects that create actionable change.
  • Creativity: Any creative project that helps explain and publicise global challenges and solutions.

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